[Close-Up] Amara La Negra Is Melanated Perfection On ‘Latina’ Magazine’s Spring Issue

Amara La Negra X Latina Magazine

Photo Credit: Diego Uchitel

Ever since the captivating Amara La Negra stepped on the scene,  colorism in the Afro-Latino community has been a hot topic, and now she continues the discussion in Latina magazine’s spring issue. Photographed by Diego Uchitel, the Dominican beauty is a vision as she serves a glowing beauty beat and her signature fluffy afro for the glossy.

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Inside the spread, the songstress opens up about her gorgeous afro, her struggles with body image as an adolescent and the importance of using her platform to speak out on behalf of the Afro-Latina community.

Amara La Negra X Latina Magazine

Photo Credit: Diego Uchitel

On her afro:

“I think people are confused by why I rock my hair the way I do. But it isn’t about hair. It’s about the moral of the story, you know? Hair is nothing, I could go bald tomorrow. I’m still gonna be Amara La Negra. It’s more about feeling comfortable in your own skin, with your body, your hair.”

On her past struggle with body image:

“I wanted a smaller butt. I was upset that I had hips. Why can’t I have long, skinny legs? Even when I was little, I was naturally curvy, that’s just in my DNA, but I wanted to be like the Victoria’s Secret models. It takes time to finally accept yourself.”

On using her platform to speak on behalf of the Afro-Latina community:

“I need to educate those that don’t know instead of getting upset, you know? So many people have no idea that there are Latin countries with people that look like me. We’ve been put in the shadows for so many years, and nobody has really spoken about the Afro-Latino community in Colombia or Honduras.”

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