Hollywood Style: ‘Ghost Wars’ Star Kandyse McClure Shares Beauty Secrets & Hair Must-Haves

Kandyse McClure

Photo Credit: Robby Klein/Contour by Getty Images

Hype Hair: Are there any other celebrities’ hair you admire?
Kandyse McClure: I love everything Zoë Kravitz does with her hair. She is undaunted! And Taraji with that great coppery cropped natural cut she’s rocking.

HH: How would you describe your fashion sense?
KM: Eclectic—like a quirky dame or a dapper vagabond.

HH: How do you care for your skin, and what products do you use?
KM: Two words: “Exfoliate” and “moisturize”! I’m currently in love with Dr. Brandt for a great scrub that really helps my skin glow. And I use oils for everything…to remove makeup, as a nighttime moisture treatment and to treat breakouts, as well as dryness.

HH: What are your favorite color cosmetics?
KM: There are so many amazing new colors and textures that are in now. I recently went a little crazy at the drugstore: rich chocolate, deep red and lush purple matte shades—and the new nudes in every possible variation. I also always go for gold. I picked up some gold and silver metallics for lips and eyes that I can’t wait to rock on a night out.

HH: When you’re on the go, how do you pull your look together?
KM: I pump a bit of foundation into my moisturizer and use pressed powder as concealer and to keep down shine. A cream blush goes on my lips and cheeks, and I add a quick touch of mascara. If my hair is in good enough shape, I’ll just use a texturizing spray and give it that ‘just got out of bed’ look. If it’s a hot mess, it’s either slicked back or wrapped in a headscarf.

HH: What beauty advice can you share with our readers?
KM: Beauty, to me, is about revealing, not covering up. So, opt for anything that brings out what you love about yourself and work it.

HH: What do you enjoy doing during downtime?
KM: Cooking relaxes me. I’ll wake up with really specific cravings and spend the whole day figuring out how to make that particular thing. Dairy-free matcha cheesecake? Sure!

HH: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
KM: Be the most authentic you, not a mediocre version of someone else. And remember that at the end of the day, people mean more than things.

A version of this article appeared in Hype Hair February 2018 issue.

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