Hollywood Style: ‘Ghost Wars’ Star Kandyse McClure Shares Beauty Secrets & Hair Must-Haves

Kandyse McClure

Photo Credit: Torquille DeJonge

Hollywood starlet Kandyse McClure stars opposite Avon Jogia on the Syfy series Ghost Wars. We also know this beautiful actress for her role as Anastasia Dualla on the Battlestar Galactica reboot; Sarikin in Seventh Son and as Dr. Clementine Chasseur in Netflix’s Hemlock Grove

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The South African native recently wrapped filming in her hometown for an independent feature with director Jahmil Qubeka. We linked up with her, and she talked to us about her career, what’s new in her life and, of course, her views on hair and beauty.

Hype Hair: Being in the spotlight, as well as life in general, has its challenges. How do you stay inspired?
Kandyse McClure: [I think of] South Africa, where I was born—of being in nature. And my friends and family… to think of all the lives that have brought about my being in the world.

HH: What motivates you?
KM: Good friends, good food, time in nature, meditation. All the usual stuff. But also, sometimes I don’t feel motivated…and that’s okay, too. There’s so much pressure to be constantly striving these days that we forget it’s okay to take time for yourself. And sometimes that means saying no and doing nothing at all for a little while. Or, as my momma says, “When you don’t know what to do, do nothing.”

HH: We love your hair! Is it relaxed or natural?
KM: Natural. I haven’t had any chemicals in my hair since I was 14 years old— although I did just put a purple color wash through it for a bit of drama.

HH: How do you maintain it?
KM: I give [my hair] a good clean and deep condition about once a week and try to avoid messing with it too much. I use an all-purpose styling cream that works for both curls and blowouts and a leave-in conditioner to revitalize midweek. If I can get away with not combing it, I won’t!

HH: What are some of your hair must-haves?
KM: I love the SheaMoisture line, especially their Jamaican black castor oil treatment and the curl cream. Also, Oribe is one of my favorite brands. I love the smell! The Foundation Mist is a great leave-in base and the anti-humidity spray is everything.

HH: What are your favorite go-to hairstyles?
KM: I keep it really simple. A good cut and blowout once a week, then I just let my hair get increasingly curly as the week goes by. By the seventh day, my hair is in pigtail braids and a head scarf!

HH: What about extensions?
KM: I tried once. But my hair is so fine, it ripped out at the edges…and that scared me off doing it again. I wish I could, though.

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