Beauty Boss: Janell Stephens

Janell Stephens X Camille Rose Naturals

Janell Stephens is not your average entrepreneur. As a mother of five and self-proclaimed master mixtress, she became one of the game changers within the beauty industry, redefining the trajectory of the haircare space when she launched Camille Rose in 2011. Janell recognized that consumers were no longer satisfied with products that were filled with harsh and unhealthy ingredients—a fact that allowed Camille Rose the opportunity to explode onto the scene and experience rapid and steady growth.

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Launching with an initial few products that were once only available online, the brand has grown with major national retailers bringing the brand to their brick- and-mortar locations. As an innovative and hands-on leader, Janell has continued to grow the brand to include skin and home products to meet the needs of its eager consumer base while expanding her core group of products to more than 20 items.

Hype Hair: What inspired you to create Camille Rose?
Janelle Stephens: When I started Camille Rose, I simply wanted to develop products that were Ingredient-focused and based on specific wellness principles. I was on a quest for a better lifestyle for myself and my family and utilized holistic measures to help make that happen. My children had terrible eczema, and I made products that helped alleviate their symptoms. From there, I continued to develop products and eventually began to sell them to family and friends—and the brand grew to include a website and, eventually, brick-and-mortar stores.

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HH: What makes your brand different from the rest?
JS: Camille Rose is a total wellness brand—meaning that we create products that encapsulate the full breadth of our consumers’ needs. We are more than just a hair-care company: our collections include skin, hair and even home products. Everything that is part of our brand has been masterfully developed to be cutting-edge and push the boundaries of what a beauty company can add to the marketplace.

HH: Camille Rose has dominated haircare since its inception. What has helped your brand’s growth?
JS: Our growth has so much to do with the way in which we treat our consumers. We know what their needs are, and we develop products that both meet and exceed them. I say that every item was created with love, and there’s a lot of truth to that. We aren’t just throwing any and everything into a bottle and putting it up for sale just because we can. I personally take the time to research the benefits of every ingredient that goes into each of our products and ensure that it is beneficial and safe. Our consumers can tell we care and that they matter to the brand. This goes a long way toward good sales and repeat buyers—and it’s why I do what I do every day.

HH: You have been labeled a “beauty boss” by many; what influenced you to come from behind the scenes and showcase yourself as a successful businesswoman?
JS: I always felt that it was important to lead by example and to use your own successes as well as your failures to inspire and motivate others. If people can look at me, a mother of five, and see the hard work and dedication that I put into my brand, then my hope is that it will encourage them to be fearless enough to follow their own dreams.

HH: What’s on the horizon for Camille Rose?
JS: We have so much in store for the brand as we continue to grow and expand across categories. We recently launched our skin care collection with Target—a bold move, as we have essentially graduated from the hair care aisle and now have our products in a separate category at select stores. We are also launching a home collection this year that I know our customers will be very excited about. We just want to continue growing and moving forward as a brand.

HH: Where can we find Camille Rose products?
JS: You can find our products on our website, as well as at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Sally Beauty, Bed Bath and Beyond and Whole Foods, to name a few.

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