Gabrielle Union Wants To Launch Her Own Cosmetics Line

Gabrielle Union X RedBook

Photo Credit: We Are The Rhoads

Actress Gabrielle Union has slayed the beauty world on nearly all fronts. The ageless beauty has created her own Flawless natural hair care line to help women celebrate their textured tresses. She’s also teamed with New York & Co to create a fashion forward line that the everyday woman can slay in without breaking the bank.

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Now, it seems the actress is setting her sights on bringing her glowing skin to the world. In the March cover story for Redbook, she revealed that launching her own makeup line is back on her vision board for 2018. (Yes, even celebs make vision boards).

“I make a vision board every year. Some of the pictures on my first one were of a haircare line, Kenya, and a Clearblue pregnancy test. As goals manifest, I’ve been able to look at my boards and say,‘Damn, I put in a lot of work and deserve it.’ That’s helped me to stop feeling suspicious of joy. To not sabotage some­thing before I’ve had a chance to do it because I assume I’ll be rejected. The only things that have not come to pass are a cosmetics line, Machu Picchu, and a baby. I’ve had the positive stick, but also a number of miscarriages, so maybe I just have to go more specific and show a woman with a human being traveling through her orifices. I’ll put those things back on this year’s board and see what happens.”

It seems nearly everything else she has visioned has come to pass, so we can’t wait to experience this new venture. Read the full interview.