Zuri Hall Talks Black Beauty, Being Fearless, Plus Her New Go-To Highlighter

Zuri Hall

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Tatayana Yomary: Hype Hair is all about celebrating Black beauty. What makes you feel beautiful? How do you define beauty? 
ZH: I’m not going to lie – my dope glam team! I work with a lot of amazing artists and hair stylists and they honestly work their butts off every morning to make me feel beautiful for work at E! News. What makes me feel beautiful more than anything else is feeling like I am a woman who is living her life on her own terms and that took me a long time to do. So, there is a confidence that comes with that and I feel like on any woman, confidence is key. Beauty is the outward expression of inner acceptance. I say that only because whatever you decide to wear, whatever you decide to do, whatever you decide to express, if that is a reflection of you saying ‘I love myself, I love who I am, I love what I do and what I think’ – that’s beauty!”

TY: How would you like to see our beauty celebrated?
HH: This is a really exciting time to be alive because our beauty is being celebrated now more than ever. So, all I want is for that to keep going. Look, I just covered the Black Panther premiere last week, and seeing all of that melanin, all those queens and kings on that carpet, seeing our textures, patterns and our colors celebrated on a carpet, and not just by us, but all of Hollywood, by all of the world- this is huge! I just want more opportunities, especially for women of color, to be celebrated —  in all the shapes, sizes, skin tones and hair textures we come in. And I’m working to share my platform and share those stories and those images and my hope is for everyone to continue to do that too.

TY: You know we’re also about hair and makeup! And, your highlight is everything. Please give us details.
Girl, let me tell you. My makeup artist [Patrice Pugh] just put me on. She said that it’s NARS Liquid Highlighter in “Orgasm.” Take that blessing! (laughter).

TY: Today is all about the power of red. What’s your go-to red lippie?
ZH: I just started using Fenty Beauty’s “STUNNA”- that red lip is everything! It dries matte, it stays forever. I probably went a full 10-12 hour workday with 3-4 shoots and didn’t have to touch up one time. Love that red lip.

TY: We’ve seen you take so many risks on the red carpet. Where does your fearlessness come from?
ZH: My fearlessness comes from messing up so many times. It’s like screw it, what’s one more? That’s life! You mess up, you stumble, trip, fall, but every time I’ve gotten back up. So it’s like what’s the worst that can happen? That kind of shakes off some of the fear because at the very worst, it’s just one thing on what I hope would be a very long journey. So why not go there? Why not try it? If we mess up this time, we’ll do it the next time.

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