5 Natural Ways To Say Goodbye To Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes

Dealing with puffy eyes has become the bane of many beauty mavens’ existence. Whether you wake up with them after a long night, inherit them from genetics, or a stuck with puffy eyes due to health problems, we can all agree that they are a pain to deal with.

While there are a slew of things that can contribute to eye puffiness, the number one cause is fluid retention. For unknown reasons, fluid collects around the eyes and the surrounding tissues leaving your eyes noticeably puffy. Unfortunately, because the tissues under the eye are the thinnest on the body, puffiness is easy to see and a bit more difficult to hide.

However, there is a way to take care of them without driving yourself crazy. If you’re tired of masking your puffy eyes with makeup and are looking for relief without breaking the bank, we got you covered!

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