How Far Would You Go To Get Baby Hairs?


Photo Credit: Instagram/@Jasmeannn

Baby hairs have been a thing since at least the late ’80s. And now with everyone trying to keep and maintain their edges, they have almost become hair goals. We’ve seen them laid down, swirled up and even found them in the nape of the neck.

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And some of us will go to extra lengths to make sure we can show off our laid tresses. Case in point, beauty blogger Jasmine Brown who revealed her process for getting her baby hairs on fleek: she creates them! The beauty, who refers to her edges as “adult hairs” has super thick hair that grows all the way down to her hair line, so she cuts her own baby hairs.

She recently posted a video of her process for getting baby hairs, sharing “My hairs in the front used to be just as long as all of my other hair! And this just a recut/trim after a month so i could show y’all how i did it”. 

Press play below to see how she gets her wavy edges. How far would you go to get baby hairs?


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