5 Healthy Hair Lessons I Learned From ‘Proud Mary’ Stylist Tym Wallace

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Not All Edge Controls Are The Same

Keeping your edges on fleek is a must for hair mavens. However, not all edge control products are good for your mane. While all edge control products have a percentage of alcohol, it should not be the main ingredient. So, make sure to read the labels. If alcohol is listed as the first or second ingredient, put it back on the shelf. The closer an ingredient is to the top of the list, the higher percentage of the overall content. 

Leave-in Conditioners Are Your Best Friend

Maintaining moisture can be a bit difficult. Washing and conditioning your hair is simply not enough. Tym recommends giving your mane that extra TLC, especially during the colder winter months through the use of a good leave-in conditioner. Leave-ins are great at hydrating your mane, promoting healthy hair growth and preventing your mane from experiencing any breakage.

Let Your Hair Breathe

While I swear by protective styles aka sew-ins, Tym also schooled us on taking a break between installs. After telling him about what I thought was the perfect conditioning process, he made it clear that I (and other weave aficionados) need to wait longer than a day between install. More like a week! 

This doesn’t mean getting braids or rocking a wig. This means giving your hair some air and time to breathe so that our protective style actually protects our hair. Not waiting can actually hinder growth and cause breakage.


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