5 Healthy Hair Lessons I Learned From ‘Proud Mary’ Stylist Tym Wallace

Tym Wallace X Creme of Nature

If you haven’t seen Taraji P. Henson’s  Proud Mary then you are missing out. Not only is she kicking ass, she’s serving up epic amounts of flawless hair slay that we are so here for. Even the promos had us checking for ‘dos. So, of course, we jumped at the chance to chat it up with the man behind her fabulous mane Tym Wallace. 

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Last week, an intimate group of beauty editors and influencers joined him and hair care brand Creme Of Nature to talk all things hair before the film’s official release at a private event in NYC.  

Proud Mary

Photo Credit: Sony

With Tym front and center — donning all black with a freshly shaven beard and lineup — we got “all the tea” on his styling process, Taraji’s ever-changing tresses, working on set and so much more! While maintaining your mane may be difficult with a busy lifestyle, Tym showed us that if Taraji can keep her tresses up to par as a contract killer, we have no excuse to fall in line.

Here are five of the biggest lessons I learned from the man himself for maintaining a healthy head of hair.

Taraji P. Henson in Proud Mary

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Don’t Be Afraid To Wig Out

While Tym had a $10,000 wig budget to perfect Taraji’s slay for the film (we counted at least four), he said this is still a budget-friendly option for hair mavens on the go – especially those of us who love sew-ins.

Wigs do not require your hair to be manipulated as much as a sew-in and you will have easier access to wash, condition and treat your hair. Most importantly, it relieves the stress on your edges as opposed to sew-ins. With so many options including u-part wigs, 360 wigs, lace fronts and more and wigs can complement any maven.

Protect Your Edges

No matter what style you rock, Tym is clear that “we need to get our edges back!” We all know at least one person who failed to take care of their edges and now they are long gone. Whether you’re a wig fan, a member of the braid gang or devoted to extensions, daily styling can make them disappear real quick.

Tym’s secret to maintaining them? A special concoction of natural oils he recommends using twice a day. To keep Taraji’s on point, he created a mixture of oils using jojoba oil, Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil and a little lavender oil (to diffuse the smell of the castor oil). Tea tree oil stimulates the scalp and gets the blood flowing to promote hair growth. A healthy scalp promotes healthy hair!

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