Woman Uses Mugshot & Fresh Set Of Box Braids To Promote Her Hair Business

Shia Milan Yearwood

Photo Credit: Mecklenburg County’s Sheriff Office

The struggle to find a good braider (or hairstylist, in general) is all too real. Finding someone who gets us and creates all the black hair magic we could want while keeping out edges laid is a rare feat. And, let’s not forget that we don’t want to sit all day. (Yes, braiders must be miracle workers!) So, when Shia Milan Yearwood‘s mugshot was posted by CharlotteMugs last week, the first thing Black Twitter wanted to know was “who did her hair?”!

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Yes, you read correctly. Folks were less interested in the fact that Shia was arrested in Charlotte, NC on January 3 for violating an order of protection and more here for her fresh set of box braids. We’ve already seen #PrisonBae and #HotConvict go viral for their mugshots, so we’re not too surprised. 


But, what we do love about this story is that Shia made good out of a bad situation. Instead of hiding in shame, reposted the image herself and shared that she was responsible for her own hair slayage. Black Twitter then wanted to know if she could do theirs and how much.




She’s since blown up her business, sharing her pricing and booking details on Twitter and Instagram. Shia also revealed she was glad to have been able to restart her new year after having “the roughest month of my life” she shared on Instagram.

“I thought I should take my pic with my braids bc I knew the Charlotte mugshot page was gonna do me dirty lol. So I said f*ck it. Ima retweet it and shout out my braids. Now I’m getting asked to do interviews. Give my story. Tell how I turned my negative to positive. THIS IS HOW. Walk in the truth…. Deposits are rolling in. New clients. New reach of people. New support and most of all. I wasn’t broken. I stood up tall and proud and I held my head high bc I wasn”t ashamed of shit. I let my work speak for itself and I let my God work for me! We turning lemons to lemonade all year baby.”

Keeping winning!

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