Hype Chat: Vivian Green Talks Acting, Music And Her Love Of Black Hair

Vivian Green

Photo Credit: Jonathan Pushnick

Longevity depends on the constant growth and evolution of an artist, and critically acclaimed songstress Vivian Green continues to progress! With her stunning six-album music catalog, the multiplatinum-selling singer boasts an illustrious career that is driven by her show-stopping voice. Now she’s set to tread new territory again, with her latest, VGVI, an album helmed by mega-producer Kwamé.

“I wanted to do something brighter and more upbeat,” Vivian shared about her new album. “If a song was sad, it needed to have a certain attitude, energy and life to it. I’ve done sad songs. I love them, of course. However, I wanted to evolve.”

Outside of music, Vivian is also an accomplished actress who has appeared in the Golden Globe–and Grammy-nominated film De-Lovely as well as the TV show American Dreams. Vivian also recently appeared in her first stage play, Two Can Play That Game, an adaptation of the original film, featuring Vivica Fox, Gary Dourdan, Columbus Short, Porsha Williams and Carl Payne.

Hype Hair recently caught up with Vivian to chat about her latest projects and top hair and beauty secrets!

Vivian Green

Photo Credit: Jonathan Pushnick

HH: Your new album is getting major buzz. What was the inspiration behind your single I Don’t Know?
VG: I am very proud of VGVI. It’s my sixth studio album and marks my 15th year as a published artist. I’m grateful that I can say that. The single was inspired by a record titled Moments in Love. It has an R&B/Caribbean twist, creating a fun, fresh vibe.

Hype Hair: You recently starred in the stage play Two Can Play That Game. Can you tell us about the character you played and how it felt making the jump from singing to acting?
Vivian Green: Thank you! I [played] Karen, who is sweet, a bit naive and madly in love with her boyfriend. Her conflict is she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Acting has been quite an experience so far. I [worked] with the most amazing group of actors and I’m so grateful for their support and encouragement.

HH: You have been very busy career-wise. What are some of the things you enjoy doing in your downtime to relax and unwind, and what are some of the things that motivate and inspire you in life?
VG: During downtime, I like to spend time with my son Jordan. I homeschool him, so when I’m not working, that is my full focus. I also get to work out more consistently versus when I’m on the road. I truly love to work out; it’s a physical and mental release. I love to cook as well, and it’s always great to do that when I’m home.

HH: On a beauty note, what are some of your favorite ways to experiment with hairstyles?
VG: I honestly haven’t done much experimenting lately. I usually stick to one thing for a while before I change up. I started growing my hair out at the end of the summer, but then the play happened and I wanted something super easy. My short hair is sooo easy—and my fans love it this way as well.

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