Afro-Latina Singer Amara La Negra Claps Back At Producer Who Tried To Shame Her For Her Afro

Amara La Negra

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Love & Hip-Hop’s newest reality installment headed to Miami Monday night, but this time, it wasn’t the fights or hashtags that had social media buzzing. Instead, it was the jerk of a producer who tried to come for all the #BlackGirlMagic Afro-Latina songstress Amara La Negra is serving.

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If you’re not familiar with the Dominican beauty, she is pretty much a modern day Foxy Brown meets Celia Cruz. She sports a signature crown of gorgeous kinky, curly coils and textured updos, statement fashions and big AF hoop earrings while singing her face off.

However, fellow Latinx producer Young Hollywood wasn’t here for (or was just too stupid to comprehend) her blackness, her afro and her unwillingness to be anything other than who she is. “I need you to look a certain way — a little more BeyoncĂ©, a little less Macy Gray,” he said during the series’ premiere. He also said it’s cool if she wants to be “all Black Power” as long as she’s willing to make it a “seasonal thing” and show off her “elegant” side.

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“Who the f* said you can’t be elegant with a ‘fro? What does that mean?,” countered Amara. “Being an Afro-Latina, I embrace it,” she said. She also challenged the idea of everyone looking the same. “Not all Latina women like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara or Chiquita. So, where are the women that look like myself?”

Young Hollywood continued mocking her, eventually calling her a “Nutella queen” and “psychotic” for not letting him ride on his racist bull.

Unfortunately, as much as we fight racism and appropriation from mainstream media, internal colorism still runs rampant across our communities. Thankfully, Amara did not back down and made it clear she isn’t willing to change who she is for anyone before walking out on the session.

“I am extremely proud of my brown skin. I’m proud of my color, of the way that my hair curls. I’m proud of who I am and nobody is going to take that away from me. I don’t want to fit the box. I am going to be Amara La Negra.”

Press play below to watch the cringe-worthy exchange.

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