Woman Punches Beauty Supply Owner Over Price Of Hair Weave

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Hairnistas know that hair bundles can come with a hefty price tag. However, a customer at Venus Beauty Supply was not here for the Georgia-based store’s prices or customer service. A recent video shows the woman, identified as Melissa Roper, throwing a pack of hair and punches at a store employee after being told what the hair cost.

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According to the store’s owner, Melissa threw the hair at her and said, “that’s fine I’m not going to come back here anymore.” The owner first threw the pack of hair back at her and then followed the woman and another customer as they attempted to leave store. Instead of just leaving, video shows Melissa turning around and punching the owner on her way out. 

We’re not sure how much the hair cost or what went down before wefts were thrown, but throwing blows is definitely not the way to get your weave game tight. Of course, there are two sides to every story and Melissa will soon get to share hers as she has since been charged with battery.  

Press play below to watch the embarrassing video. Here’s to hoping next time a store pisses someone off for bad service, they just stop shopping there.  

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