L’Oréal Is The Latest Brand To Insult Our Hair Intelligence

damaged hair

One would think after the epic marketing fails that brands like Dove, SheaMoisture and Nivea unleashed in 2017, beauty brands would be more diligent about getting multiple perspectives before launching their campaigns. Despite its own work towards inclusivity, L’Oréal has been added to the fail list of those insulting our hair intelligence.

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The beauty giant recently took to Instagram to define healthy hair while promoting its new damage repair system Elvive Collection. The questionable image showed a woman running a brush through her bone straight tresses captioned,  “#DidYouKnow – your hair tangles when it’s damaged? Test your damage by brushing your hair. If it doesn’t tug or tangle, you have healthy hair!”

Apparently, the company’s marketing team is unaware that no matter how healthy kinks, curls and coils are they will get tugged on and tangled in a brush. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that – but it would take having a diverse room of folks at the decision-making table.

While social media backlash prompted the company to delete the post, Twitter user Verge Of Love shared a screenshot of the offending imagery.

We’re not sure what’s sadder here: the fact that this actually ran on the brand’s page or that we’re really not shocked. 2018 is just days away. Brands need to simply to do better when talking and defining a more inclusive and diverse conversation around beauty.

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