Mama Tina Shares Pic Of Beyoncé’s Natural (& Super Long) Hair & Folks Still Don’t Believe It’s Her Hair

Mama Tina Knowles recently took to Instagram to share how happy she is that her “baby’s hair grew back.” While all we see in the pic is the back of a woman with a low ponytail full of honey blonde tresses, most fans swear it’s the Queen, herself. Given her head shape and multiple earrings, we have to agree.

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“INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back !! She is going to get me,” shared Tina in the post that we can only assume Beyoncé would not have approved. However, the Lemonade singer seemingly cosigned it, shortly after sharing pics on her own IG rocking her natural hair in a tousled and loosely curled high ponytail.

Her stylist and hair legend Neal Farinah also cosigned on Instagram, posting “Ain’t nothing to prove: but slay that all natural.” However, many refuse to believe that it is even possible for the recent pics to be “all her hair.” While Beyoncé is known for her impeccable weave game, we’re going to side with Mama Tina and Neal on this one. We’ve all seen Beyoncé’s thick, long crown of hair as a child, she has access to the best hair care in the world and she just had twins (prenatal vitamins can also help with hair growth). Seriously, at this point, if it’s not her hair, then Neal and co. deserve ALL the awards for what would be the most epic 52 fake out ever.

But, how we see it, is the drama isn’t about whether it is actually her hair, but about the possibility of Black women growing and retaining hair that long and healthy naturally down to our backsides. But, yes, it’s very possible. Our hair lengths and textures are as varied as our skin tones. And they are all beautiful. So just let it go and just enjoy the pics.

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