Here’s What Happened When I Tried This Detangling Brush For Natural Hair

Txture PRO Wet Brush

As a Black beauty editor, my house is stacked with tons of products and tools that promise to moisturize, grow and strengthen my hair or make my regimen easier. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. There are even a few that I would actually spend my own coins on for myself or friends and family.

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That’s where Wet Brush’s TxturePRO detangling brush comes in. As I am already not a fan of the detangling process on my kinky, curly coils, I had no expectations. Normally, my textured tresses require extra conditioning for the perfect amount of slip before I can even think about getting my fingers, brush or wide tooth comb through without breaking or stressing strands.

Txture PRO Wet Brush

Photo Credit: Stephenetta (isis) Harmon

That was until I used the TxturePRO brush. OMG, A brush that actually does what it says? Where has this been all of my life?!  I’ve used it for everything form detangling my damp parted up tresses to quick blow-outs and even on my dry hair. The widely spaced IntelliWave bristles have tips that don’t get caught on the shaft or knots and detangle well enough that if I wanted to, I go back in with a regular rattail comb.

The litmus test for me, though, is how much hair is left in the brush after a good raking on my hair. I’m not the most gentle person when it comes to brushing (I know, I know), so I used to think a lot of shedding was normal. No, it’s not.

The pic above is all the hair I shed without me even detangling my hair after taking out my two-week old braids to wash my hair (brave, right?). 

The brushes won’t break the bank either at $9.99 each and come in three colors (black, pink and gold) for those who like to coordinate. While I absolutely loved the gold hue, if you use a lot of oils, I recommend sticking with the other colors as the matte metallic coating peels after a while. Other than that, they are all a total win! I’ve already bought three for myself and have gotten my sisters hooked.

Have you tried the TxturePRO? What are your thoughts? Let us know your faves below.

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