Hype Chat: Bambi Benson Shares Inspiration, Goals For Hair Extensions Line, Shimmer Elite

Bambi Benson

Hype Hair: What does your hair line include (e.g., extensions, wigs)?
Bambi Benson: My hair line includes, frontals, closures, clip-ins, bundles, full-lace wigs and frontal wigs.

HH: What are the best sellers?
BB: The wigs are the best sellers for sure! My customers love wigs!

HH: What are your favorite hair-extension textures?
BB: My favorite texture from my line is the Italian Curly. It’s so soft and pretty in its natural state, but it gets bone straight. The versatility is amazing, and the quality is the best!

HH: How can readers purchase your hair and what is the price range?
BB: You can shop online or you can purchase for pickup at Synergy Suites in Atlanta. We are very affordable and have an awesome bundle package for the woman on a budget.

HH: How do you maintain the hair in your line?
BB: I advise my customers to use sulfate-free products and to treat your extensions as you would treat your own hair. Just style it and leave it alone!

HH: What are some of the life lessons you have learned from running your hair business?
BB: You can’t please everyone is the biggest lesson I’ve learned. Some people are just impossible. But I’m very patient, and since I was a hair consumer for so long, I understand some of the issues customers have and do my best to help them out.

HH: On the subject of beauty, what are your must-have makeup beauty products?
BB: I have to have a good concealer, eyeliner and some type of setting spray. That’s all I need in life.

HH: How do you take care of your skin?
BB: I do the basic exfoliating and moisturizing every day. It’s super important to moisturize!

HH: What hair products do you use on your hair when you are in extensions and how do you care for your hair when you are not wearing extensions?
BB: I’m in the process of adding some new hair-care products to my line— products that I use on my extensions now; the same goes for my natural hair.

HH: You are involved in a project that involves giving back. Please share with our readers about your Shimmer Living Foundation.
BB: Shimmer Living is a really cool foundation that gives youth basic necessities to allow them to feel comfortable and con dent in the classroom and around their peers. You can learn more at shimmerliving.org.

HH: What inspires and encourages you?
BB: When I look at all the young faces, whether they’re my family or just random young people…I just get a strong desire to want to do something in order to help them grow.

HH: What’s next on deck for you?
BB: Launching more products for Shimmer Elite Extensions and expanding the Shimmer Living Foundation.

A version of this article originally appeared in Hype Hair December 2017 issue.

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