We’re Loving How The Fenty Beauty ‘Sisterhood’ Responded To Woman Who Thought Her Lips Were ‘Too Big’ For Red Lipstick

Grace Boye X Stunna Lip Paint

Photo Credit: Grace Boye/Fenty Beauty

Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty “sisterhood” are raising the bar on celebrating our natural beauty. Earlier this week, 20-year-old Ghanaian college student Grace Boye commented on the brand’s Instagram page that she would love to try its new Stunna lip paint, but doubted whether she could really rock it.

“I want to try this out soo bad,” she wrote on the post. “But, I’ve been told red doesn’t suit me…my lips are too big.”

We’re not even sure how somebody in their right mind could ever say that, especially in this age of lip fillers and over lined lips. But, they did, and Fenty Beauty followers came through with nothing but love and encouragement for the beautiful young woman.


“Your lips are perfect, whoever told you that is dead wrong,” commented one user.

“As a fellow big lipper 😗 I had to learn to love my lips and grow the confidence to embrace my features despite the haters and naysayers. I loveeeee my lips, one of my favorite features that I proudly highlight,” wrote another.

Fenty Beauty even reposted some of the comments, captioned “The #FENTYBEAUTY sisterhood is real!! We ❤️ ya’ll.” Rihanna, herself, even chimed in with love emojis.

The #FENTYBEAUTY sisterhood is real!! We ❤️ ya’ll. (Comments on a recent #stunna post on @fentybeauty).

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And, all the love has inspired Grace to give red lippies another try. “I’m thinking I’m gonna try it and then just show them!,” she told Buzzfeed Fenty Beauty has connected with her to send her a lip paint. 

Kudos to the brand!