Hype Chat: 20-Year-Old Hairstylist Cliff VMir Talks Weaves, Dreams & Inspirations

Cardi B

Hair by Cliff VMir // Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Airbnb

Hype Hair: What are some of your favorite hair looks you’ve created?
Cliff VMir: I did a #613 platinum blonde frontal with long bundles on Cardi B. I loved that it featured a side part. Another style I loved was the reddish-cranberry install on Joseline  for her appearance on The Real. The whole wee,k we were chopping it up because she wanted a different look for each day without taking out the install. I created a Beyoncé inspired Déjà vu video hair look on her. I had a lot of fun creating that look. It was a dope look for her. That bob to this day was my absolute favorite. The BET Awards was in June and till this day I would post videos of that look and still get over 100,000 views 20,000 likes. People still live for that style.

HH: We continue to see more and more units as opposed to traditional sew-ins. Do you feel that extensions may die out in the industry?
CV: Absolutely not. Look at how long they have been here.  I feel like every couple of years, there is something different. At first, everyone was getting the versatile sew-ins, vixen sew-ins. Then, it was closures and, now, it’s frontals. I can only imagine what’s next. But, everyone wants to have that full luxurious hair, so I feel like extensions will never go out of style — they will only get better. We have Nicki Minaj here wearing 48-inch hair- I just feel like it will never die out.

HH: Which do you think are a better option? 
CV: I actually wear units myself, and I just feel like they are healthier for the hair. Especially if you do a lot of performances and you want to switch your look up a lot. I definitely feel that units are better. You just pop it on and pop it off to change your style.

HH: The most important thing for all hair mavens is to maintain a healthy mane. What are some tips you can share to help guide us through our hair journey?
CV: Keeping your hair braided down and moisturized, that is a major key. I know a lot of people sometimes are scared of frontals and closures, but they actually promote hair growth. It will promote hair growth if you are going to the right stylist and if they are installing it the right way. For instance, when I install a frontal, I install it before the client’s natural hairline. Why? Because I don’t want the glue to touch their hairline. Underneath these styles lies your real hair and the frontal provides the protective styling, which will make your hair grow. Just keeping your hands out of your hair and keep it braided down and moisturized. If you consistently do this, your hair will grow. Also, I will say get trims every six months. I say six months, because if you are installing weaves and units, you’re not really wearing your hair out so it will give your mane time to grow.

HH: What advice would you give to us before sitting in a stylist’s chair?
CV: Do not sit in a stylist’s chair with an attitude. It makes the experience awkward. I tell my clients to be on time is to be late, and to be early is to be on time. If you’re arriving at the door at exactly 7, you’re running late. But, if you’re there 6:55, 6:50, that’s perfect. Let’s say 5 minutes before you appointment,  I’m ready for you to hop in my chair. When you do sew-ins, have your extensions taken out, have your thread out.  That’s very nerve-wracking when you have your things wrapped up. Make it easy on your stylist.

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