Hype Chat: 20-Year-Old Hairstylist Cliff VMir Talks Weaves, Dreams & Inspirations

Cliff Vmir

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Breaking ground in the beauty industry as a hairstylist is no small feat, but Atlanta-based stylist Cliff VMir is making it look easy! At just 20 years old, the entrepreneur and weave specialist has become a force in the hair industry with his highly sought-after custom units, flawless installs and must-have hair care products.

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Since getting his start a little over five years ago, the young mogul has amassed over 630K followers and worked with such celebrity clients as Blac Chyna, Cardi B, Joseline Hernandez and Jazmine Sullivan.

Cliff may be young, but he is ready to dominate the industry. We recently chatted with the hair maven to get his take on his rise to fame and what we should expect next.

Joseline Hernandez

Hair by Cliff VMir // Photo Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

HH: How does it feel to be one of the hottest hair stylists in the industry?
Cliff VMir: I can honestly say that I can’t really believe it. I definitely feel that there is a lot of work for me to do and sometimes I’m so hard on myself that I feel like I haven’t made it completely where I would like to be, but in other people’s eyes they feel like ‘Oh my God he’s made it.’ But I can say I’m really humbled. There are a lot of pros and cons about it, but for the most part I absolutely enjoy doing everything I do. And anything I d,o it’s for the youth. I do it for the youth because a lot of younger stylists are always told no or they are always being looked down on so when they look at people like myself they can say, ‘Oh my God, Cliff did it you know what I can do it too.’

HH: How do you feel your age has affected your journey? Has it given you more of an edge or are you not taken as seriously as you’d like?
CV: I feel like my age gave me an advantage. I remember working on set doing Cardi B’s hair and curling up her wig up and her stylist said, ‘Her hair looks really good. We started a conversation and he asked, ‘How old are you?,’ and at the time I was 18. He said ’18,’ and I was like ‘Yeah, I’m 18.’ And everyone was being so dramatic running around saying, ‘He’s 18 and he curled her hair like that [laughs]. Oh my goodness.’ So I feel that not only do I have talent, but because of how young I am doing this I feel like that’s definitely a plus on my end.

HH: You have a style like no other. Where do you find inspiration?
CV: Honestly, I kind of come up with little things in my head. I used to look at hair magazines when I was really young, but I kind of just sit down and visualize what would work with face shapes, what’s trending and what people would like to see them in. For instance, when I did Joseline Hernandez’s hair for the BET Awards, I told her that they’ve seen her in a bob, but they haven’t seen her in a bob like mine: a sharp, middle part blunt cut very clean, very sophisticated jet-black look. So that’s exactly what I did and I feel like the reaction I got was amazing. There was not one negative comment posted about her hair at all.

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