According to Teyana Taylor, This Facial Is Everything…

Teyana Taylor

Photo Credit: Getty Image

Aside from seemingly slaying all aspects of life, we’ve also been watching triple threat Teyana Taylor taking cues from the beauty when it comes to skin care. Sure, her wigs are fierce and her fashion is super duper fly, but there’s no denying her glistening glow.
In a recent interview with The Coveteur, Taylor shared her favorite spa treatment, and surprisingly it’s one that we’ve heard of before: a vampire facial (platelet-rich plasma).
For those unfamiliar, the mainstream first got wind of the intricate, frightful-sounding medical trend loved by celebrities on E!’s Kim and Kourtney Take Miami. During the episode, viewers watched the eldest Kardashian sister have a doctor draw a few vials of blood from her arm and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma and platelets from the red blood cells, and then add the platelet-rich plasma back into her face. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

The science sounds complex, but it’s quite simple. “They take your blood and spin it and use your plasma [on your face], but I hate needles,” shared Teyana. “But it’s so worth it because afterwards, your skin is everything.”
New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman spoke to US Weekly about the benefits of the natural collagen-boosting treatment, noting that it’s become an alternative to facial fillers and Botox.
Ladies, would you give the vampire facial a try?