See How Twitter Responded After FKA Twigs Asked ‘How Do Braids Make You Feel?’

FKA Twigs

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FKA Twigs is getting all the love from us this week. The singer seems to be having her own love affair with braids and natural hair after the launch of her new Instagram zine celebrating “natural, bold and beautiful hairstyles”. She recently took to Twitter to ask her fans how braids make them feel and the responses were pretty epic. 

Her 271K+ followers did not hesitate to give their opinions, sharing the power and beauty they have discovered while rocking braided looks.

The question also sparked back and forth conversations between the singer and her fans.

She didn’t stop there, also asking fans how they care for their natural tresses and what types of protective styles work best:

What do you think of FKA Twigs’ hair conversations?

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