Did Porsha Williams Just Big Chop?


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is known for rocking bundles on bundles of hair. So, of course,  the reality tv star sent social media ablaze after posting a pic Thursday night of her rocking what appears to be a completely blonde baldie. To further fuel the fire, she captioned the image “Bald is beautiful” attributing her smooth as a baby’s bottom scalp to Sanaa Lathan (who buzzed off her tresses last month).

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Instagram couldn’t figure out whether the image was real and the beauty had actually big chopped. Turns out, the look was only a wig cap! `

“Surprise! Porsha did not cut her hair off!,” her stylist Kellon Deryck revealed to BET, sharing he was actually prepping her hair for new ponytail install. “This is actually a stocking cap that matches her skin. Her hair is braided underneath the cap that is customized to replicate a natural scalp! It’s the best way to make your hair unit completely undetectable.”

If you’re not already familiar with Kellon’s work, just check out Black Chyna’s epic wig collection. The stylist has earned a serious rep for his flawless illusion technique making his custom units look like they were naturally grown. Much love to Porsha for giving us an insider’s glimpse into his install process. 

Press play to get another glimpse of Kellon in action.





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