Stylist Spotlight: Jennifer Lord

Jennifer Lord

Hair: Jennifer Lord // Photo Credit: Courtesy

Hype Hair: What inspired your celebration of natural hair?
Jennifer Lord: What stands out to me more than anything is the beauty of natural hair when it is styled luxuriously and carries a level of sophistication and elegance. That perfectly textured chignon or the ever popular pompadour brought back by natural Hollywood star Janelle Monáe says classy! Natural hair is very transformable so you can make it do anything. The possibilities are endless.

HH: Who or what is your hairspiration?
JL: My hairspiration comes from the avante garde. Hair designer Angela Plummer inspires me in the hair realm because she is one of the few stylists to create her own lane of hair artistry, be an original and be respected for her hair showcases. Her technique is unmatched and always flawlessly executed. She’s all over the runway, well published and well traveled, constantly pushing past boundaries and continues to do so.

HH: Where else do you draw your inspiration?
JL: I’m inspired by high fashion– everything from watching documentaries on famous artists while catching up on fashion weeks throughout the world to wearing all black to work and stalking Solange and Rihanna….I breath it. When we look at images, we are inspired and that leads to self expression.

Jennifer Lord

Hair: Jennifer Lord // Photo Credit: Courtesy

HH: What hair trends you’re most looking forward to in 2018?
JL: I’m always on the lookout for originality in texture to see who is going to set a trend with their own or someone’s own hair next or who dares to celebrate the hair on their actual head and be a head turner? I love the versatility of added pieces, yet I yearn to see a stylist to come up with something trendy on a model or clients own natural hair, no matter what the length or texture. I anticipate more blondes popping up and a continuation of the pastels in extensions. Hopefully, the daring will try color pops in shapes such as a bold triangle of cayenne in a corner of the head.

HH: What hair trend do you wish would go away?
JL: I wish lace fronts would go away. Far away! They honestly frighten me because of the smell that develops underneath and the shiny glue or adhesive around the hairline. I believe in having edges that last a lifetime. No matter what new “safe glue” they come up with, the fact is, hair glues of any kind are NOT safe — physically or psychologically.

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