Would You Try Vitamin-Infused Popcorn?

bowl of popcorn

A vitamin-infused popcorn is on its way thanks to CURLS CEO and founder Mahisha Dellinger. In a recent Facebook Live, the beauty boss shared she is launching Vitapop Popcorn – a tasty way to score a complete serving of vitamins in one snackable bag. The low-calorie, organic offering is set to come in five flavors, including Sriracha, Sea Salt and White Cheddar. 

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She shared the inspiration to create the popcorn came from having to address her daughter’s picky eating habits and her business partner’s vitamin deficiency.

“You can eat one bag and get a full serving,” said Mahisha. “It’s infused with over 15 essential vitamins and 10 grams of protein.”

The game-changer is part of Mahisha’s expansion into “beauty-ceuticals” which combines the power of beauty, health and pharmaceuticals. Her new company has also introduced SKINNY Vitamins, a natural weight loss gummy made with garcinia cambogia to “curb your appetite and increase your metabolism.”

The popcorn is expected to hit shelves early next year and should retail for $4.59.

Would you snack on some kernels to get you daily dose of vitamins? Sound off below. 

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