This Is The One Thing Your Nail Tech Wishes You Would Do More


We are the first ones to admit how much we love ogling over the hottest nail trends. From accessories and geometric patterns to hot colors of the season, we are all about maximum nail slayage. But, when it comes to actual nail care, nail techs are telling us we’re not all getting it right. No matter your flyer nail job is, it doesn’t matter if you’re fingers and cuticles aren’t on point. 

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We chatted it up with nail tech Cleila Nuñez who gave us the 411 on taking care of your nails at Polychromatic’s express mani booth during the 2017 Makeup In New York event. She shared the thing one thing she wishes more clients would do: hydration.

“I wish customers would take better care of their hands,” she said. “Keeping hands moisturized helps keep nails strong and cuticles healthy.” Turns out lack of moisture can lead to brittle nails that peel and split. She recommends using a cuticle oil daily and moisturizing after washing hands.

Another pro tip? “Avoid trimming your cuticles yourself,” said Cleila. Not only can you damage the nail bed, she said it can also lead to infection.

Keep these two tips on hand (pun intended) and you’ll be on your way to stronger, healthier nails.

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