Tracy Reese Celebrates The Diversity Of Beauty During NYFW Spring 2018 Presentation

Tracy Reese Spring 2018

Photo Credit: Courtesy Tracy Reese

When it comes to celebrating inner and outer beauty, designer Tracy Reese has had the game on lock for 20 years. Her New York Fashion Week presentations consistently encourage guests to celebrate the beauty of women of all shades and ages. Tracy’s Spring 2018 event was no exception, as she gathered a diverse crew of models and everyday women to show off their individual beauty. “There is no one standard of beauty,” said Tracy.

Instead of hitting the runway, the ladies took to an exhibit-like platform at Pier59 Studios where they put their beauty “on display”. Rather than just stand their and look pretty, the beauties simultaneously delivered short stories, many in their native languages (including English, Cantonese, Portuguese), reflecting their personal journeys and dreams. 

“Being curvy is acceptable, loving your skin is acceptable. Loving your body is acceptable,” said one model while draped in a warm yellow lace dress. The powerful monologues only enhanced their ready-to-wear apparel — a mash-up of vibrant hues, textures and flowy prints — that would look good on women of all sizes.

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