[Close-Up] Military Women Show Off #BlackHairMagic In ‘Vogue’

Vogue x Deshauna Barber

Photo Credit: Mayan Toledano/ Vogue

Captain Deshauna Barber, U.S. Army 

Deshauna is regularly swarmed by servicewomen asking for autographs and pictures the moment she steps foot onto a base. A former full-time IT analyst with the Department of Commerce, she’s the only Miss USA to have been crowned while in the Army Reserve. Barber made history for a second time in May when she took the stage for her final walk as Miss USA with her natural curls. “There are so many women in pageants who won’t wear their natural hair for fear of not winning,” she says. “This got people talking.” Deshauna now works as a motivational speaker and is encouraged to see that the dialogue has opened up in the military, too. 

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