Beauty Boss: Monique Rodriguez

Beauty Boss X Monique Rodriguez
Millennial moguls are paving the way in beauty developing some of the most popular and successful brands our industry has ever seen. Beauty Bosses like Mielle Organics founder/CEO Monique Rodriguez is one we’ve had our eye on for quite some time. Her entrepreneurial journey is one that has changed the game and truly inspired others.

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In 2014, when Monique launched Mielle Organics, the natural hair industry was on the cusp of a movement cultivated by social media, emerging brands and eager consumers. With her background as a registered nurse and social media experience, Monique developed a connection with a quickly growing group of followers who would aid in her becoming a beauty mogul on the rise.

Three years later, Mielle Organics has secured a top spot amongst natural hair brands. Their commitment to creating high quality products and raising the bar has not gone unnoticed. From social media, events and TV appearances, we’ve been seeing Monique and the brand everywhere! So how does this Beauty Boss do it all? We recently had a chance to sit down with her to learn more about her journey and what being a Beauty Boss is all about.

Hype Hair: What does being a boss mean to you?
Monique Rodriguez: In my opinion, a boss is someone who knows what they want and is determined and driven to accomplish their goals and dreams.

HH: How do you manage to balance being a wife, mother and boss?
MR: Being a mom and wife always comes first as family is my first priority. I try to incorporate my family into the business and I try my best to make my children feel like they’re involved. I accomplish this by taking them on business trips and keeping them involved with small tasks as much as possible.

Beauty Boss X Monique Rodriguez

HH: What makes Mielle products stand out amongst competitors?
MR: We make our products with natural and organic ingredients and we ensure they are effective for all hair types. Also, my background in science helps with formulation to ensure top quality with each product.

HH: How do you explain the cult-like following the brand has established in such a short time?
MR: Since I have a deep connection with my followers, it feels like I’m talking to my girlfriends about their hair routine. I truly cherish and am extremely proud of that connection.

HH: How do you think Mielle Organics has changed the beauty game?
MR: With me being the Founder and a Registered Nurse, I understand my consumers and strive to make products to suit their needs. I believe we have taken the industry by storm by understanding how to truly connect with our customers and pairing that with providing them with effective products.

HH: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced with growing your empire?
MR: Trying to stay on the cutting edge in an emerging market. The market is much more competitive now and, though there is room for all brands to succeed, we strive to be number one.

HH: What is next for Mielle Organics?
MR: We will continue to expand and make products easily available to our consumers. We are also working to develop new products as we continue to grow!

HH: Would you share five top lessons you’ve learned as a Beauty Boss?
1) Believe and challenge yourself to do new things in life.
2) Do not let fear hinder you from chasing your dreams and aspirations.
3) Educate yourself on every aspect of the business; no one is going to provide with a blueprint!
4) Networking is key to growth.
5) Trust God with your business!

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