Hype Chat: Alikay Naturals Founder Rochelle Graham-Campbell Shares The Importance Of Knowing What’s In Your Products

Rochelle Graham-Campbell

With the global hair care market standing as an $85.5 billion industry, we are continuing to see a rapid increase of hair care products hitting the shelves of our favorite retailers. When it comes to the price of beauty, there is more than just money at stake. Thanks to the digital age, we are now at the point where we know that ingredients are what make hair products work effectively, but do we fully understand how they impact our long-term hair health.

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As a self-proclaimed beauty product junkie, I was excited to have an opportunity to sit down with Alikay Naturals Co-Founder & CEO, Rochelle Graham-Campbell. A strong advocate for educating & empowering women, Rochelle shares how we can be more aware with our next beauty product purchase.

— Tashieka Brewer

Hype Hair: Alikay Naturals is known for its products’ carefully curated, high quality ingredients. Why are ingredients so important to you, personally?
Rochelle Graham-Campbell:  I have scalp psoriasis that can flare up when I get stressed or use certain ingredients. [It is a] common skin disorder that makes raised, reddish, often scaly patches. Spending my childhood in Jamaica with a grandmother who was a holistic healer made me cognizant at an early age of how what you put on your body impacts your overall health.

HH:  How do you source ingredients for your products? 
RGC: Standing by our company’s promise of beauty without compromise, we always source ingredients responsibly and advocate for fair trade followed by the intricate process of product formulation and ingredient testing. For product development, I like to start with the hair or skin problem and work backwards in creating a product that will offer a solution. With thickness and fluidity being essential in the testing process; there are no hidden substitutes. When a product calls for extra virgin olive oil, I don’t want to substitute it with olive oil.

Hype Hair: Many brands outsource their manufacturing, what made you decide to open your own manufacturing facility for the brand in Fort Myers, FL?
RGC: From the very beginning, we promised our customers that we would not compromise the quality of our formulations. Long before I was that college student creating Alikay Naturals in my kitchen, I was and still am a consumer. I know first-hand the disappointment that comes with discovering that your favorite product has been watered down and I didn’t want that for Alikay Naturals. Quality ingredients is at the core of who we are as a brand.

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