Thinking About Going Blonde? Read This First…


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“I never want to try blonde hair,” said no woman, ever. Seriously. At one point in all of our lives, we’ve fawned over ladies in the limelight who consistently serve up blonde slayage, including Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige and Ciara. But, what happens when the average chick wants to test drive a brighter hue?

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To put it simply, going blonde, especially as a woman of color, is a complex and overwhelming process. Is the color too brassy or does it complement my complexion perfectly? Will my relaxed strands withstand such harsh chemicals? How can I protect my natural hair? There are many questions to be answered. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done…. successfully.

Recently, The Coveteur compiled personal anecdotes from “real-life” blondes and tips from top-tier stylists, for a succinct, yet poignant guide on going blond for brown girls. Brilliant, right?

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To begin, finding the right hue is key. “You have to choose color based on your undertones and eye color,” said celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble. “For example, hazel eyes look good with ashy blond, golden eyes look great with golden-blond tones, warmer skin tones go with with warmer hair color, and cooler shades with cooler tones.”

Kim also talked texture. Apparently, you can have a relaxer and go blonde, but “you have to go to someone who understands porosity.” Basically, it’s best to go to an experienced stylist who will know when your hair has reached it’s limits.

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For those ladies sporting their natural, kinky-curly coils, it’s important to know that color can absolutely change the texture of your curl pattern, leaving you with lighter, looser curls. 

Tia Williams, Bumble and bumble copy director and author of The Perfect Find, is also a blonde black gal who has a mane full of uncompromised curls. “Every product I use is super-rich and hydrating,” she said. “I smooth in three or four drops of Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil morning and night to nourish and de-frizz—it also somehow really makes my highlights pop (I even put a drop in my conditioner).”

There’s definitely much more information and tips and tricks to being a black-blonde gal. But like we said, don’t fret because there’s plenty of answers to your questions waiting for you on The Coveteur’s awesome guide. Read the full article here.