CreativeSoul Is Inspiring Kids To Love Their Natural Hair One Photo At A Time

CreativeSoul Photography

Photo Credit: CreativeSoul Photography // Hair by Katie Ballard

With so many reports of children being punished, taunted or rejected for their afros and braids, it’s beyond refreshing to see images of kids being celebrated for their natural kinks and curls. It’s even more amazing when a husband-and-wife duo makes it their mission to capture those images.

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When Regis and Kahran Bethencourt started photographing kids’ fashion in 2013, they began inspiring a generation of young girls (and boys) to love their God-given kinks. Since then, they have traveled the world capturing images of pint-size beauties in larger-than-life afros, braids and kinky curly looks.

Having consistently graced the pages of kids’ fashion magazines and amassed an impressive social media following, the couple of 14 years is set to release a collection of their works, entitled A Word Of Curls. We caught up with wife Kahran to talk about how the couple got started on this natural hair path and how they have used photography to help empower children (and their parents).

— Stephenetta (isis) Harmon

CreativeSoul Photography

Photo Credit: Regis and Kahran Bethencourt// CreativeSoul Photography

Hype Hair: What inspired you two to start shooting kids and natural hair?
Kahran Bethencourt: A few years ago, we decided to make a switch into kid’s fashion photography. We started working with a lot of brands, kid models and actresses and, a lot of times, we would see pictures of the kids beforehand and they would have their natural hair out. But, when they showed up to the shoot, they would straighten it because they thought that’s what they needed to do to get into the industry. We wanted to change that and showcase kids being kids, doing fun things  — with their natural hair. 

HH: What was your first shoot in the series like?
KB: We went to Times Square and we had three little girls with natural hair out with fancy dresses on and we took those photos and it really took off from there. So we just continued on that series over the years and that’s how we started to hone in this for our brand.

HH: The kids rock some amazing looks. Who do you work with to style their hair?
KB: We try to work with talented hairstylists that can help up execute that vision from around the world. Our main hairstylist is LaChanda Gatson. She’s out in in LA and has been instrumental in really just helping us to provide unique and out-of-the-box hairstyles. We do some that are just the regular fro styles, but we also like to showcase the versatility of natural hair.

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