Jessica Williams Reveals Why She Has Always Been #TeamNatural

Whether sitting in your mother’s kitchen or waiting what seemed like forever at the hair salon, we all know the experience of getting our hair done. A hot comb or braids and beads can bring back fond and funny memories or our worst nightmares. For actress and comedian Jessica Williams, it was pain. The Incredible Jessica James star admitted in a recent interview that, like many of us, she hated getting her hair done. 

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“I’ve never been a ‘hair’ person,” she said. “I don’t like hurting. And a lot of the time, to get my hair done, I would have to get it hot-combed and pressed — and that involves having a really hot metal comb running through your hair.” 

Jessica Williams

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Instead, she gravitated towards low maintenance protective styles to keep her natural coif on point.

“I ended up living in braids. It was the ’90s — thin braids were very popular — and my mom took me to a lady’s kitchen. I got it done, and I’ve never stopped. Now my natural hair is who I am. I have lots of braids, and I have lots of twists, but it’s all very low maintenance. I feel like I can get up and go and get out of the house. I just don’t have it in me to get my hair done all the time.”

Sounds like our kind of girl!

The actress also talked about her journey towards self-love and being comfortable in her own skin. 

“It wasn’t until I got older and started to come into my own that I thought, ‘Oh yeah, my melanin is beautiful; my melanin is poppin’,” she said. “It’s to be cherished.”

Though some days she says are a struggle, other days, she’s “the baddest bitch on the planet.”

And, we couldn’t agree more. 

Be sure to head on over to Netflix July 28 to watch The Incredible Jessica James.

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