[Close-Up] Issa Rae Is A Badass Beauty On ‘Complex’ Cover

Issa Rae X Complex

Photo Credit: Sarah McColgan

Insecure star Issa Rae is gracing her first cover in the most badass way possible for Complex. The writer, producer and actress stuns in a Pam Grier-inspired shoot, complete with power afro and all the attitude fit for a mogul-in-the making.

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The beauty once again teamed with stylist Felicia Leatherwood to make hair magic for the shoot and a face beat by Joanna Simkin, while rocking throwback red velvet and textured patterns styled by Jason Bolden.

Issa Rae X Complex

Photo Credit: Sarah McColgan

Inside, she talks opening the doors for new talent, stacking goals, sisterhood and the bond between characters “Issa” and “Molly”. 

“I love that they’re there for each other and their friendship is real. It’s not all flowers and roses. Like they’re not out to get each other. they’re not conniving and out to steal each other’s men,” said Issa. “They love each other genuinely. It’s like a friendship—I mean it’s a sisterhood, if anything. Yeah, that definitely reflects my own personal friendships. My friends are like some of my sisters. We know each other in and out and we also know each other’s flaws and we’ll call them out or work around them, but you know, we love each other flaws and all.”

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