Hair Crush: 18 Times Sanaa Lathan’s Hair Was On Point

Sanaa Lathan

Photo Credit: Instagram/@SanaaLathan

Ever since she stole our hearts on the big screen in Love & Basketball, Sanaa Lathan has always remained a contender on our list of favorite ladies in the limelight.

Just as much as she is a talented thespian, Lathan is also heralded as a natural beauty. Seriously, the woman can go bare face and turn heads. And let’s not forget to brag on that beautifully thick mane of hers, too. For years, we’ve marveled over her natural tresses and the fact that while some ladies allowed Hollywood to dictate their hair choices and even damage their tresses and edges, Lathan is all about keeping her crown not only happy put healthy from root to end.

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Now, that definitely doesn’t mean she hasn’t rocked a wig or weave or two in her lifetime or opted for a protective style, but if there’s no thing we know and love about Sanaa, it’s that she’s never not serving hair-spiration.

Continue clicking to check out the many times Sanaa Lathan wowed us with her hairstyles.

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