19 Times We’ve Wanted To Raid Blac Chyna’s Wig Collection

Blac Chyna wigs

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Blac Chyna is the ultimate hair chameleon. Teaming with stylist Kellon Deryck, the social media star has amassed an enviable collection of looks for every occasion (including court appearances). She rocks units like accessories and is rarely seen in the same look twice. 

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From pastel pinks and cherry curls to cropped bobs and pixie cuts, she keeps her wig game tight. And, who wouldn’t want to play dress up in her collection? You could go from being a vampy vixen to a pastel princess in zero seconds flat. As her stylist once shared, “You don’t have to wait to change your hair for the season. You can change your wig for the #mood”. 

Click through for 19 times Blac Chyna has served up wig inspo with one of her many looks.

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