Hurdler Jasmin Stowers Loses Wig While Falling During Race

Jasmin Stowers x Muller Anniversary Games

Photo Credit: Dan Mullan/Getty Images

American hurdler Jasmin Stowers is making headlines after a track meet gone wrong this past weekend. The track and field star was competing in a 110-meter hurdles race at the 2017 Müller Anniversary Games, hit the last hurdle and went down, suffering a slight concussion.

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But, it’s not the fall that has people talking. It’s that Jasmin lost her wig (literally) as she hit the ground. The runner was captured sprawled out with her wig laying next to her on the field. Thankfully, Jasmin quickly recovered from the fall and even shared pics of the ordeal on Instagram, sharing that it was just a detour on her way to success.

“People may laugh about what happened, talk about me, and doubt my success in the sport, but none of that stuff bothers me,” wrote Jasmin. “Honestly. I am just thankful to be alive considering that I could have been paralyzed or broke something. Great things never come from comfort zones. I want to be the best so I will continue to push past my limits even if I fall 10 more times. I am a strong woman and my strength and courage comes from within myself and God. I know who I am and what I am capable of.”

This isn’t the first time an athlete has lost her wig while competing. Long jumper Blessing Okagbare’s wig went flying just last month. But, just like Blessing, Jasmin isn’t the slightest bit fazed. 

“No, I am not embarrassed that my wig came off,” she continued. ” I hit my head hard and I would have expected that to happen. It is what it is. I will continue to wear wigs. I don’t care. It protects my hair as I transition from relaxed to natural.”