Model Ebonee Davis Swears By These Products For Her Natural Hair

Ebonee Davis

Photo Credit: Instagram/@EboneeDavis – Greg Noire

We first fell in love with Ebonee Davis in 2016, when she penned an open letter to the fashion industry, standing strong and tall against racial injustice that has plagued many black and brown models. Since then, the 24-year-old model has gone on to star in numerous fashion campaigns and uses her now global platform to continue speaking out against racism within the beauty industry.

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This past weekend, she spoke on a panel at ESSENCE Fest Beauty and Style Stage alongside Harlem’s Fashion Row founder Brandice Henderson-Daniel, talking about everything from curls to self-confidence.

Ebonee gushed with pride about her kinky-curly texture, saying, “For me, wearing my natural hair is a form of resistance against Eurocentric beauty standards. I feel like it represents me in my true form. It’s a manifestation of how I feel on the inside and how I feel about myself.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/@eboneedavis

“Wearing my hair natural is defying what we’ve been taught for so long, which is that white is the standard and euro features are more beautiful than Black features,” she continued. “For me, it’s showing people that however they’re born, however they look; they’re good enough.”

Of course, with a mane full of voluminous coils, ESSENCE had to ask for everyone wondering: what kind of products does she treat her hair with?

“For shampoo, I’m using the SheaMoisture Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo. For moisturizing and perfecting my curls, I use the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream. That’s pretty much it. I keep my products to a minimum,” Ebonee revealed.

Head over to ESSENCE to read more on Ebonee’s must-haves, including some cool beauty finds.

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