Here’s How To Score Flawless Skin Like Frank Ocean’s Mom, Katonya Breaux

Photo Credit: Tom Newton/ Into The Gloss

What’s one thing we love more than R&B genius Frank Ocean? His mother, Katonya Breaux. Many fell in love with Katonya via Twitter account and her ageless look. (Apparently, Frank can thank his mother for his radiant skin). 

She attributes her youthful glow to beauty brand UnSun Cosmetics sunscreen, which she uses every day. Yes, ladies, you heard that right. Slathering on SPF is actually quite effective at preventing visible signs of aging.

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Katonya, who founded the brand i 2016, swears by the sunscreen which offers a lightweight, broad spectrum mineral-based tinted face sunscreen that’s free of harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde. The sunscreen has also been heralded by many for its inclusive nature, as it blends seamlessly with a range of complexions from “fair to olive to the darkest of chocolate.”

In a recent interview with Into The Gloss, she shared more of her beauty secrets and tools and tricks for her day and night time regimens.

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