QOTD: How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

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Q: How often should I wash my hair? I hear so many different things from stylists and friends, but what is the proper frequency from a medical perspective?


A: According to Dr. Melanye Maclin-Carroll, you should be washing your hair at least once a week.

“Many of us are used to washing our hair every two weeks for fear of the hair drying out, but this is an absolute no-no!,” explained Dr. Maclin. “Your hair gets a daily build-up of oil and products that causes excess dirt and yeast to collect on the scalp. So the dryness you are experiencing is not from washing hair too often but not often enough.”

And, no, an itchy, dirty scalp does not mean your hair is growing. “It actually means that your hair roots are inflamed from yeast growing on your scalp,” said Dr. Maclin. “In addition, your hair can experience a lot of shedding from the yeast.”

Weekly shampoos may not sound like a bit much, but they will definitely help you get on your way to healthy hair and scalp. 

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