Eat These Vitamin-Rich Foods For Radiant Skin

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It pretty much goes without saying that less is more when it comes to summer slayage. We’re baring it all in season staples and trading in full face beats for brushed brows and barely there looks. But, have you mastered your summer glow, yet? No matter how well you’ve perfected your baking or contouring skills, nothing is more beautiful than clear, radiant skin – and it starts from the inside out.

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Yeah, sure, you may be drinking your weight (or some calculation) in water. But, there are some foods that can help take your summer glow to the next level. We caught up with Vaseline dermatologist partner, Dr. Fran Cook-Bolden for intel on how to eat our way to healthy and luminous skin.

From a sweet refresher to the main course, here are five foods to add to your next shopping trip.

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