These Sisters Are Changing The Sunscreen (And Skincare) Game For Brown Girls

Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa

We’ve all heard the warnings that brown girls are not exempt from sun damage. Our melanated magic skin is actually more likely to have fatal complications when we skip out on sun protection than our White counterparts. But, let’s be honest, sunscreen has not traditionally been at the forefront of our skincare regimens (read: we still don’t think we need it or we don’t want to look ashy) making us less likely to lather up before hitting the beach or a barbecue.

That is until now. Nigerian sisters Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obido are changing not only how we view sunscreen, but skin care in general. 

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After a failed sunscreen mission, the two launched beauty brand Bolden with the goal of creating products “for women that look like us,” said Ndidi. And, their new SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer is a game-changer. It applies like regular lotion without a whitish or grey cast and can be used daily as a skin moisturizer. The sunscreen also addresses a primary concern they heard from customers: how to clear up blemishes.

Bolden SPF Brightening Moisturizer

“Our goal was to solve the hyperpigmentation problem which is the number one skin concern for women of color. It’s not that you’re getting acne or you’re getting breakouts. It’s that when it goes, it leaves those telltale signs and it takes so long to get rid of,” said Chinelo.  “And we think we’ve cracked it.”

The 2-oz tube comes packed with Vitamin C to help clear up skin discoloration, along with broad spectrum sunscreen elements that protect against the entire range of UV rays and safflower oil for its anti-inflammation and moisturizing properties. It may sound like magic in a tube, but it took over two years for them to get their formula just right.

“A lot of that time was us really vetting all the ingredients that go into it,” Ndidi explained. “We really wanted to make sure we have the best product and that we’re using safe ingredients and using good for you ingredients that work especially for our skin type.”.

Bolden Cleanser & Toner

The sisters also took addressing skincare issues one step further by creating a full facial line to help women reveal their best skin. Their Bolden skin care line now features a four-step “get your skin right” daily regimen that includes a Skin Clarifying Cleanser ($16.50) and Skin Brightening Toner ($19.50) which are available online now, along with the SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer ($28) and Nighttime Repair Serum ($30) which will be released later this month.

To get in on their skincare goodness, visit Bolden at

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