Victoria’s Secret Gets Dragged After Failing To Properly Style Black Model’s Hair

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret is under fire for what should have been a shining moment for the beauty giant’s first Black spokesmodel for its PINK label. But, instead of paying attention to Zuri Tibby’s glowing skin and fashion fits, social media is trying to figure out what the hell happened to her hair.

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In a recent campaign, the fashion brand and its styling team put Zuri in front of the camera with her hair looking a hot damn mess. No understatement. One would think a brand the touts diversity and even celebrated natural hair textures on the runway would do better. Nope. The beauty’s normally flawless tresses look like my two-year-old niece got her hands in mix and took styling a series of ponytails and messy side braids. 

Victoria's Secret epic fail

And of, course, social media was not here for it. ColourMeCrowned first kicked off the conversation — though her tweet has since been deleted, screenshots still live on:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen black models get the shaft when it comes to hair, but we did expect more from the brand. We hope the controversy challenges them to do better.

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