Would You Let A Barber Cut Your One-Week-Old Infant’s Hair?

Firsts for a newborn are typically publicly celebrated by friends, family and strangers alike. First smile. First words. First steps. But a newborn’s first haircut recently sent social media into an uproar. Harlem-based barber Rico London shared a video of a him giving a one-week-old infant’s hair as part of the mother’s Islamic faith.

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Rico explained that he normally doesn’t cut children’s hair who are younger than one-year-old, but he agreed to cut the child’s hair in respect of her faith. While the clippers whirred, the tiny infant is seen crying and squirming in his mother’s arms.

Cutting an infant’s hair is commonly practiced in Muslim and Hindi religions and there are many videos sharing the custom (see here and here). But, many commenters seemed unaware of the practice, calling the mother out for having her child out of the house or questioning her religion. Commenters also criticized Rico for not only cutting the child’s hair, but also using electric clippers to get the job done. Others supported the mother and her decision.  

What do you think of the video? Would you let a barber cut your child’s hair with clippers? Sound off below.

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