Here’s How To Slay No Cornrow Crochet Box Braids

The crochet hair comeback has enjoyed a reign like no other protective style we’ve seen in years. While most of us prefer to base our looks on cornrow foundations, many have found ultimate hair slayage in non-cornrow methods. This variation is especially great for those whose cornrow game isn’t as strong as they’d like and looks much more realistic when it comes to box braid looks, while putting less stress on your edges.

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Here, YouTube blogger Kehinde Akinsehinwa shows how she crafted the look with perfectly sized parts on her twin sister using even packs of crochet braids. While most videos swear the look only takes an hour to complete, we appreciate that Kehinde’s timing (three hours) takes into account the single braid prep and hair-hiding process! Press play above to watch her process (skip through to 1:18 if you just want to watch her work).

Tip: When it’s time to take these out, cut about an inch below the length of your hair, unravel braids and then undo base knot. If you undo base knot first, your natural hair will end up with a new knot.

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