Lace Front Eyebrows Are Trending Again

Lacefront Eyebrow

The quest for perfect eyebrows is real. We’ve seen women try every technique in the book – from semi-permanent microblading tattoos and stamps to brow pencils and henna to achieve their looks. We’ve even seen lace fronts make an appearance and it seems the temporary fix is trending once again.

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Brow wigs aren’t anything new (we last talked about them in 2014), but social media is bringing the technique back to the masses again. Most recently, celeb makeup artist Hung Vanngo shared this video he sourced from brow brand Tiffani Chanel

While it may seem like an extreme move, they are pretty much just lace front wigs for the face. To rock, simply get the style you want, get it professionally shaped up and use special wig glue to apply to your face. The install lasts a few days and is a great option for women who suffer from alopecia, are recovering from chemo or just want fuller brows. If applied properly, they can actually look more believable than temporary tattoos.

They also could prove to be an epic fail if they happen to lift up or, gasp, move around on your face. (I could not deal!)


Want to get in on the comeback trend? Check out Tiffani Chanel which retails for $22.50 per pair.

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