Florida School Tells Black Student With Natural Hair To ‘Get Her Hair Done’

Photo Credit: Stacy Pierce Photography (Courtesy Secily Wilson)


Just days after twin sisters faced suspension for their box braids, another young Black student is facing backlash from her school for rocking her own natural hair. Sixteen-year-old Nicole Orr, a junior at Montverde Academy in Florida was given detention and told to “change her hair” after choosing to wear her natural hair in a twist-out afro. Apparently, natural hair wasn’t in line with the school’s dress code policy against “dread-like” hair.

“I received a call saying that my daughter needed to get her hair done, and she wears her natural, and I was kind of taken aback by it,” her father, Eric Orr, told Fox 35. 

“She literally felt, ‘Wow, what’s wrong with my hair? The Caucasian girls are able to wear their natural hair straight. Why can’t I wear my natural hair the way that it grows?’” said her mother Secily Wilson.

At least this issue has a more positive ending. After meeting with Nicole’s parents, the school’s headmaster Kasey Kesselring agreed to change the school’s handbook.

“The policy in the student handbook will be amended and the reference to hairstyles that represent a certain demographic will be removed. Nicole is able to wear her natural hair … with some MINOR adjustments and Mommy is OK with that,” Secily shared on Facebook. “Thank you for hearing and addressing our concerns. Not just for our child, but for every other child who may feel inferior about their hair.”


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