SheaMoisture Releases New Commercial After ‘Everybody Gets Love’ Ad Goes Wrong

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After SheaMoisture’s ‘Everybody Gets Love Ad’ was pulled for not sitting well with consumers and causing an all out controversy via social media, the haircare giant has decided to reintroduce a second commercial that focuses on natural hairstyles.

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The outrage began Monday after the brand released its first ad highlighting women who learned to love their natural hair after years of struggle. While there was nothing wrong with women learning to love what we naturally have, many consumers took offense to the ad with noticeably absent women of color and voiced their opinions via social media. Realizing they dropped the ball, the haircare company quickly put their feet to the pavement with a public apology.

“Please know that our intention was not- and would never be- to disrespect our community, and as such, we are pulling this piece immediately because it does not represent what we intended to communicate,” said the brand in a statement. “Thank you all, as always, for the honest and candid feedback. We hear you. We’re listening.”

The haircare brand also created a second ad which not only features women of color, but highlights a series of natural hairstyles and hair concerns. The complete opposite of the first ad, the ‘Everybody Gets Love’ reboot speaks to natural hair mavens who have struggled with their hair journey and through the use of Shea Moisture products learned to manage their hair and feel beautiful and confident with their tresses.

Although the first commercial ad was a fail for the brand, it was noble to see them take responsibility for their misstep and make it right. In a business where the wrong move can be a major sacrifice to your brand, SheaMoisture listened to their consumers, learned from their mistake and delivered an ad that we can honestly say will inspire natural hair mavens to be proud of their manes.

What are your thoughts about the new Shea Moisture commercial?

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