My Hairstory: I Had To Mini Chop After My Last Dye Job

Lightening my hair for the spring and summer is something that I have always done. Even though I love how the color looks on my hair, the bleaching process is just too harsh for my hair.  It strips my hair of moisture.  Knowing this, one would think I would find a new hair love. But I don’t!  Every year, my goal is to find ways to go blonde without losing my tresses. Unfortunately, it didn’t work this time and my hair was left a damaged mess.  

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Looking at my burned out tresses, I struggled with the decision of whether to big chop or hold on to the hair I had left. The thought of cutting all my hair off and starting over was a bit scary and a little emotional at first. Although I know all too well the journey to healthy hair, I didn’t want to accept that I had to start over.  But the pros outweighed any cons I tried to convince myself with. 

Mini Chop

Instead of buzzing it all off, I opted for a mini-chop. This gave me a fresh start to healthier hair without losing all of my length. The damage would still be stopped at its source and my hair would not continue to shed and fall out.

This experience has been a blessing in disguise. With the shorter hair, I found it easier to take care of and very low-maintenance to keep up. I have no or little heat styling on my hair and have the perfect style for the summer time heat. 

Lessons Learned

Of course, my major takeaway with this experience is to leave the coloring to professionals. Everyone’s hair responds to to dyes differently, but knowing how my own hair texture changes, box coloring is now a thing of the past! I also learned that the best way to help my hair on its journey is to not even dye it back to its natural color, but just let the color grow out naturally. No worries, I’m still loving the blonde highlights.

I’ve also put together a regimen to keep my tresses healthy on their road to recovery. Click through to check out my low-maintenance routine.

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